Easy Projects Mobile App Updates

December 3, 2018 Patrick Icasas

The Easy Projects app continues to improve and grow thanks to feedback from users like you!

Here are the changes we’ve recently introduced in both Android and iOS:



We’ve redesigned the popular My Assignments page (formerly My Tasks) for improved  convenience and clarity.

  • Completed assignments can now be viewed in a separate tab



  • All sorting options available on the website are now available in the mobile app
  • Each activity now has its own timer (but only one timer can be running at a time)



  • Activities can now display ID# (toggled on/off in Settings)




  • Redesigned workflow for adding activities



We’ve also updated the Activity Details page:

  • Message board now integrated into Details page




We’ve now added the Activity Details page to the iOS version. In it, you can:

  • Edit the activity name, start and end date, activity duration, and priority
  • Access attachments directly



Thank you for all your continued feedback. It helps us make sure that we are providing you with tools that help keep you productive. Stay tuned for more updates as they happen!

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Patrick Icasas is a former marketing project manager with 7 years of marketing and PR agency experience, managing creative projects for brands such as Nokia, Verizon Wireless, and Adobe. He now spends his time helping people make the most out of their project management software and entertaining his 5 year old daughter.

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