How to start a no-fail project

Part 5. How to Start and Finish a ‘No-Fail’ Project

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Recognized PM specialists all agree that the following are the primary factors that could ruin your project: 1. Lack of objective project status reports; 2. Poor communication within a team; 3. Internal resistance to the project management tools and methodologies; 4. Changing requirements during development; 5. Inadequate initial project planning. In this article we will review one of these obstacles – lack of objective project status reports – and explore how to promote internal commu- nication and create effective status reports. Let's say your team has been working on a project for the last 4 weeks. According to your project schedule, a major milestone will be complet- ed today. You are excited as you begin your project progress meeting, but then you start to realize that today might not be the day and the milestone is actually far from being reached. The project has appar- ently been plagued by issues from the beginning and now your team is going to fall behind schedule and go over budget. These are the meet- ings that everyone on the team dreads, where the mood goes from ecstatic to terrible. We of course want to avoid that, so where do we start? 3 I N T RO D U CT I O N

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