Financial Module Update: Activity-Level Expenses and more

June 1, 2020 Sasha Papov


Our Financial Module now offers enhanced functionality and reporting to make it easier for Project Managers to apply, track, and manage their billing and costs.

Financial Module Updates:

Activity-Level Expenses

You can now be more granular with your project finances and apply expenses directly to the activity that's generating the costs.

This is done by going to the Activity Financial panel and switching to the expenses tab. From here, you would apply expenses the same way you would in the regular Project level expenses interface, complete with Planned and Actual expense types, and whatever expense custom fields apply.

These Activity-level expenses would then be rolled up to the Project level and will be reflected accordingly in the Project Financial Module.*

*Activity-level expenses are only available for Professional Services accounts.

Dynamic Profit Charts

All financial modules, both Project and Activity-level, now have a dynamic profit chart that provides you with a quick comparison of your estimated and actual project costs. It breaks your costs into labor costs (as per hours logged) and line item expenses (expenses manually added).

The expenses tab of each financial module also has dynamic charts that compare billable and non-billable expenses and how they affect your projects profitability.

More useful features coming soon!

These are just the first wave of enhancements Easy Projects is making to the financial module. Make sure to stay tuned to our blog and social media for more news on future updates to the Financial Module.

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